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The Washingtonian Takes Note of Trevor Potter and Matthew Sanderson's Success in Obtaining FEC Approval for Colbert SuperPAC

July 1, 2011, Washingtonian

Excerpt taken from article.

Trevor Potter has been shepherding Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert through the process of forming a SuperPAC.

Potter has earned those legal fees. As of Thursday, he, along with the help of Matthew Sanderson, an associate at his law firm, achieved success when the Federal Election Commission approved Colbert's SuperPAC. For the second time, Colbert visited the FEC, bringing throngs of screaming fans and reporters to the typically quiet agency.

During remarks to the crowd, Colbert thanked his legal team: "We owe a debt to my lawyers Trevor Potter and Matt Sanderson of the heroic law firm Caplin & Drysdale. Two names that will go down with the great American duos—Lewis and Clark, Sacco and Vanzetti, Harold and Kumar."

It's a safe bet that two DC lawyers have never before been compared to Harold and Kumar. 

For the full version of the article, visit here.

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