Bryson Morgan Speaks on Illegal Campaign Contributions
Caplin & Drysdale

Bryson Morgan Speaks on Illegal Campaign Contributions

Date: 9/21/2020

Utah congressional candidate Burgess Owens’ campaign is built largely on the foundation of his personal narrative The descendant of a slave, he found fame and fortune as a professional football player only to later fall victim to his own sense of invincibility. He struggled through bankruptcy and despair before his redemption through hard work and self-reliance.

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“If campaigning means you have to step away from your duties at work, you can’t be continued to be paid your full salary,” said Bryson Morgan, attorney with Caplin & Drysdale, a Washington, D.C.-based firm that lists laws governing politics as one of its specialties.

“That results in an illegal contribution from your employer to your campaign,” Morgan said.

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