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Op-Ed: A 'People's Pledge' Could Quell The Politics in Judicial Elections

November 3, 2014, The National Law Journal

Trevor Potter (a Republican who worked in the Reagan Justice Department and served as general counsel to Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign) and Ganesh Sitaraman (a Democrat who worked as policy director and senior counsel to candidate and Sen. Elizabeth Warren) co-authored the op-ed "A 'People's Pledge' Could Quell The Politics in Judicial Elections" for the November 3, 2014 edition of The National Law Journal.  The op-ed emphasizes that "The U.S. judicial system should be impartial. Litigants in our courts should never have to wonder whether they receive a fair hearing, or that the judge has been picked by the other side in the case."  It goes on further to say "As the amount of interest group money goes up, so too does the likelihood that judges will be swayed, consciously or subconsciously, if their supporters appear before them in court."  To read more, please visit The National Law Journal's website (subscription required).

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