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Our Practices

“These lawyers are the ‘best of the best’ in their field.  They are simply outstanding.  Platitudes are thrown around casually these days, but truly, these men and women are the best at what they do.  All of the attorneys we worked with are outstanding technicians who are highly respected, but speak in plain English when solving complex and sophisticated issues.”  Client Commentary, Chambers USA

The federal government has made the prosecution of white-collar offenses a high priority for many years now. Federal sentencing guidelines are such that indictment and conviction for these offenses in nearly all cases means that individuals will be incarcerated and companies will suffer heavy financial and collateral penalties. Any federal criminal investigation is a matter of the utmost gravity because there is so much at stake. View our brochure.

Practice Area(s)

  • Federal White-Collar Prosecution

Federal White-Collar Prosecution

Caplin & Drysdale attorneys first developed familiarity with federal white-collar prosecution in the context of our extensive criminal tax practice. With our significant experience and Washington "know-how," our attorneys have represented clients in numerous other types of white-collar criminal inquiries. We have handled cases in many jurisdictions involving allegations of government procurement and program fraud, antitrust and securities offenses, mail fraud, wire fraud, customs violations, money laundering and campaign finance and public corruption investigations. In other instances, we have been engaged by companies, some not yet under governmental scrutiny, to conduct internal investigations of potential wrongdoing and report our results and recommendations to the appropriate corporate officials. Many of our white-collar representations have occurred in the context of parallel regulatory or civil proceedings.

We bring an intelligent, efficient approach to white-collar criminal defense. We recognize that in most cases, an indictment in a white-collar matter is almost as devastating as a conviction. Thus, we thoroughly investigate the facts, pursue all available defenses, and do our best to persuade the prosecutorial decision-makers to decline prosecution. Managing the client's criminal investigation in the midst of other litigation is an important part of our work. Our lawyers have worked well as part of defense teams in large, multi-party matters, and we have enjoyed collegial relationships with other professionals in suchcases.

Representative Engagements

    • We represented a top finance official for a major defense contractor. We negotiated immunity for our client and, as part of a broader defense team, convinced the U. S. Attorney's Office not to pursue an indictment.
    • We represented individuals in a broad federal investigation into campaign finance violations, in the midst of a tense political atmosphere and heated publicity. We negotiated an acceptable disposition that resulted in no period of incarceration for our clients.
    • We represented a wealthy individual under investigation for insider trading. We persuaded the government to dispose of the case civilly rather than pursuing criminal charges.

Our Services

If you or your company is in the midst of a potential white-collar criminal matter, we can:

    • Assist you with an internal investigation
    • Advise on responding to government inquiries, subpoenas and summonses
    • Present your defenses in an effort to avoid indictment
    • Represent you or your company in negotiations with the government and in court