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William Klimon to Present Webinar on Governance Structures for Religious Orders

September 19, 2014
Speaker:William M. Klimon
Program:Governance Structures for Religious Orders: Legal and Practical Strategies to Address Changing Demographics and Institutional Priorities
Event Sponsor:The Resource Center for Religious Institutes (RCRI)

Caplin & Drysdale, Chartered

One Thomas Circle, NW

Suite 1100

Washington, D.C, 20005

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This presentation will focus on corporate governance structures that religious institutes can use to maintain control of their sponsored ministries and affiliated entities in light of changing demographics and institutional priorities. The presentation will describe typical corporate governance models used by religious institutes and highlight some of the problems religious institutes face when using existing models. It will also describe a number of new approaches to corporate governance available under state law that can help religious institutes ensure that their sponsored ministries and affiliated entities continue to further their religious missions over time. In addition, the presentation will address tax-exemption, asset protection, and other issues related to corporate governance, with a focus on sponsored ministries and covenant relationships.